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Happy Graduation-You Owe $370K. But You Ski on Weekends.

Happy Graduation you owe $370KBernie Sanders of Vermont, may not have the best ideas to cut down the student loan debt. His suggestion to kids to take college courses while a high school student — so their parents pay for them , can easily become a can of worms, or a source of family favoritism. Also, what college courses are good enough for charter school kids? Courses in school-uniform design?

But, kidding aside the Senator found a social problem in need of a solution. If  a family doctor at a community health center in Burlington, Vt owes $370,000 in student loans, as we are told, then that tells you that few can become doctors so they can ski in Vermont.

This TPVist likes skiing and, while not an MD, she feels the pain of highly educated people who enjoy but rarely afford skiing. So, here you have it Congress: you better lower the loans of all students who want to work near ski resorts or you’ll have to face our wrath!

Call you Senator, TPV readers, and deliver our message. Thanks!


Dana Neacsu

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  1. FYI – I think resort waitstaff and clean up crew are permitted to ski after hours, if they’re not too sore or tired – long days since, along with the work, they generally can’t afford to live near the slopes and have to share, so commute is long and sleep is short.

  2. If you want to advance beyond entry level, start saving: $3800…, cheaper than college!

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