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TheWeekholeView: The Man in Love with Solitude

Francois-Hollande-s-Private-Life--97795Here, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week, in more than one way or day:

On Wednesday, August 6, Putin of Russia  decided to send some cake to Ukraine. Asked why now, he answered:

They seemed sufficiently hungry to eat it.

On Thursday, August 7, Putin’s cake was still en route to Ukraine.

On Friday, August 8, we started bombing Iraq. When President Obama was asked why, he replied:

So we can send them cake soon.

On Saturday, August 9, President Obama started his two-week vacation on Martha’s Vineyard with a round of golf, the Hill reported.

On Sunday, August 10, Hillary gave an interview on her views of foreign policy. They were extravagantly bellicose as if she were afraid that without boom!! boom!! she would fall asleep.

On Monday, August 11, Hillary learned that her Sunday interview did not go well with voters who expect more from a president other than her menopause, so she decided to go and set up shop on the golf course Barry uses on Martha’s Vineyard and hope that he would ask her for a signed copy.

On Tuesday, August 12,the French President celebrated his 60th birthday with his women and their children, asking for their blessing in case the French voters ask him to marry Julie Gayet. Julie was happy to receive their vote of confidence, despite early promises of a wedding.


BY DANA NEACSU: TheWeekholeView: The Man in Love with Solitude


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