TPV Is Thankful for so Much

TPV is thankful to so many that here is only a handful of recipients: Thank you Hillary for being so blindly ambitious that your run for the 2016 presidency will give TPV... Read more »

The Times – fluff that’s fit, or not, to print

Marquel TPVs NYTimes Stupid Items Section correspondent, was going to vote when he read Naked Is Not a Costume Running the Marathon? Leave that mask at home. A guide to what’s prohibited at some... Read more »

Top Secret

Marquel, TPVs NYTimes Secrecy Section correspondent was unfriending people at random on various FB accounts when he read Iran Secretly Sending Drones and Supplies Into Iraq, U.S. Officials Say.  The effort, which is not... Read more »

From Russia, With Wig: American Spy Suspect Is Ejected, NY Times Reports

If you read spy books, Read more »

Guantanamo on My Mind

There is nothing I like better than reading memoirs of converted commies Read more »

The WeekholeView: October 3, through October 9, 2012

Here each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week: Last Wednesday, October 3, 2012, Obama faced Romney in a televised presidential debate and Jon Stewart let... Read more »

All Four Legs of the American Manufacturing Stool Endorse Obama

There are only four important export industries left in the U.S.: pharmaceuticals, entertainment, aeronautics, and a few computers. Headed by the pharmaceutical industry, they recently endorsed Obama for four more years of... Read more »

On Half Siblings

Jason Zinoman[1] suggests that before criticizing, the critic should divulge her bias: if you don’t like cherries don’t criticize your friend’s mom’s homemade cherry crumble. I, on the other hand, love cherries,... Read more »

The Theory of Internet-Based Information

Watching and reading about the recent film, Page One: A Year The New York Times, is a strange experience.  To be sure, its subject matter is gripping; newspapers are suffering from the... Read more »
Jim Cavan

Jim Cavan

With focuses ranging from green issues to politics to sports, Jim’s work has appeared in a number of local and national newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times,, Coastal Home,... Read more »