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Guantanamo on My Mind

There is nothing I like better than reading memoirs of converted commies who, just before pension saw the virtues of the system they once distrusted. Foucault is my favorite, but because there are very few out there I can settle on the writings of people like Jennifer Daskal for instance.

Ms Daskal is a jurist who used to oppose Guantanamo both as reality and concept. She even used to be mocked for her stance, says she. Not anymore, because she changed her views, and the current administration’s paper, The New York Times, dutifully published her reformed position on Guantanamo. Now, Ms Daskal, with the administration’s approval,  favors keeping Guantanamo open because prisoners can pray together and, letting any perceived joke aside, because the Obama Administration would rather stay  Bush’s course than do anything with the people it let rot on Cuban land, outside anybody’s view.

Back in my old country we built a canal with such prisoners. Stalin used similar people as free work force and did marvels in Siberia. It pains me that at a minimum in our thriving capitalist society we cannot do something more useful with those men, such as rent them to corporations by the week: one week they could build the iPhone 6, the next week they could clean offices on Wall Street, and another week they could teach assholes something about democracy and how their values are different from ours. Oops, I guess we do share the same values after all. They try to bomb us while we try to catch them and let them rot.

Not to worry, I’m sure Daskal’s piece was only the Administration’s teaser. Wait for the real thing.


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