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Indian Envoy Is Transferred to U.N. Post for Practicing U.S. Feminist Habits: Underpaying Illegal Help.

Devyani Khobragade, 39, the Indian deputy consul general in New York, was recently arrested on grounds of submitting false documents to obtain a work visa for her housekeeper. While arrested she was thoroughly searched.

Strip search was okay, says US Attorney Bharara, because it was performed by a woman, an acquaintance of Bharara he met at last year’s Pride March and did the search “as a favor.”

Mr. Bharara said India’s focus on Ms. Khobragade’s plight obscured the treatment of the alleged victim in the case. Prosecutors say the diplomat forced the housekeeper to work longer hours than agreed to and that she was paid far less than the minimum wage.

Some critics say there are others in NYC who work longer hours too and also get less than minimum wage. Bharara says, “Why, that’s illegal!”

If so, TPV asked what would be done about it?

Bharara said, “First, we’ll have to strip search them.”

When TPV noted that there are several hundred thousand Mexican illegals who work under the same conditions, Bharara said, “Wow, that’s gonna be a big job”, and then asked “how many are female?”

TPV inquired how that was relevant, Bharara replied,

Obviously it’s relevant. Twice as many orifices.

TPV retreated to the street, without turning our back on the man.

IndianFor more heated debate about Ms. Khobragade’s acumen physical and otherwise, see

For more Times’ reporting, go to http://nyti.ms/Jd4Y7X.


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