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Do Stupid Stuff, Lady. You’re Funny

The tragedy with us, North Americans united in 50 states, is that we are a profoundly anti-intellectual nation. We do not read. We do not understand what it means to read. We only understand slogans.

The comedy with us, North Americans south of Canada, is that we do not understand political satire. We only understand slapstick. But, we are lucky. Our new Democratic president, Lady Hillary, is good at it. In its verbal rendition. Stupid talk. Verbal farts.

Attacking Obama Policy, Hillary Clinton Exposes Different Worldviews. In a blunt interview with The Atlantic, Mrs. Clinton shattered an image of unity with the president, criticizing his “don’t do stupid stuff” approach.

“Obama says, ‘don’t do stupid stuff,’ Hillary said. “Well I disagree.”

Well, I wish I could say I will move to Canada when your time, Hillary, comes. But, I’ll be here, and so will TPV.

Happy decade, Americans! Watch Hillary as Laurel and Hardy in one.


BY DANA NEACSU: Do Stupid Stuff, Lady. You’re Funny





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