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TheWeekholeView: The Big Sigh of Relief

In TPV land the week starts now and then, and mostly then, lately. But here comes what fell through the hole these past seven days:

Tuesday, January 26, Glenn Beck proved to be the man who knows RIGHT where the edge is.

Glenn Beck condemned Donald Trump calling him “a very dangerous man” after the billionaire businessman said his voters would stand by him even if he shot someone.

Wednesday, January 27, Chris Christie proved he had what it takes to be a Republican President. Chris Christie addressed NJ Flood Victims:

‘Want the Christie to Go Down There With a Mop?’

melania-knauss-trumpThursday, January 28, Trump proved that American democracy is little more than a reality TV show. Trump made waves when refusing to debate with his Republican ilk, Trump created his own show and asked his wife Melania to strip for Iowa Veterans. Even FoxNews stopped covering the Republican debate to broadcast the event.

Friday, January 29, the Clinton’s emails put on a belated appearance. They are so stinky that even the next Supreme Court Justice, the current President Obama, could not keep them tightly hidden.

Saturday, January 30, Donald Trump promised Iowans and little Trump baby from Ivanka’s vagina if the vote for him. Iowans seemed unimpressed. The new Trump would be circumcised!

Sunday, January 31, Ted Cruz vomited on stage and Republicans in Iowa thought he was so authentic.

Monday, February 1, 2016, Iowa voted and the Democratic candidates, Hill-Billy and Sandy showed their true color. Both candidates framed the still-uncalled race as a win, but Hill-Billy told supporters she was

“breathing a big sigh of relief” when she was scared shitless,

while Sandy called it

“a virtual tie,” which it was at 49.9 %vs. 49.6%.

Hill-Billy, when you lose think what a big sigh of relief for the country!


By DANA NEACSU: TheWeekholeView: The Big Sigh of Relief