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Anything Funny about Our Upcoming War on Syria?

Anything funny about our upcoming war on Syria? Plenty.

For instance, the game of it. The UK says  no. France says not yet. The UN says no, but who are they to tell us, the U.S. what to do? Not even the fact that we use Chinese money to attack a Chinese ally won’t deter our determination to help the military make some profit. Not to talk about our people who cannot find any jobs unless they join the military…oops, that is the game.

Also, the spending when we have no money. But, that’s lame because those who want war have plenty of dough.

Oh, and the lack of principles, which will only make it harder for the next presidential candidate to say they have some. Bush fils, the Republican president committed only to the Green Man (all men on dollar bills are green) followed by a so-called democratic president, Obama, whose master is the same Green Man will make it more difficult for any man or woman to pretend they answer to anybody else other than The Green Man.

Funny to die for or funny to lose your market bets for oil equities globally? Hard to say.



  1. especially good / funny first sentence. The rest, not so funny I guess, but not your fault – you’re just reporting the news…


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