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Breaking News -U.S. Senator John McCain the Unintentional Victim of the Syrian Chemical Attack

Finally, after months of speculation, the international community is able to make its desperate plea for a military invasion- Syria used its chemical arsenal, but not on its people. Syria used something on senile U.S. senators who still believe the year is 1967, and the USSR is still alive.
Here are the amazing facts. McCain inhaled just a little bit of poison, but enough to make him act out his US presidential dream. We all know that he could not be president and could not do something foolish against any Russian president, pardon me, USSR presidents. Therefore, now that the American premiere newspaper The New York Times published Putin’s remarkable op-ed piece, delusional McCain wanted to publish a response in the Russian counterpart publication. Unfortunately, he chose Pravda, which remains a party paper, the Communist Party’s paper, but not anymore a major newspaper. In case Mr. McCain decides to do some research of prominent and better-read Russian newspapers, TPV found this list on Google: http://www.w3newspapers.com/russia/. But we caution the old man – get better first and then ask an intern to write the piece.

For more on this breaking news, read below from Newsmax.com:

Russian Communists Baffled by McCain Plan to Write for Pravda

The Russian Communist Party on Saturday responded with bafflement to an announcement by U.S. Sen. John McCain that he planned to write an op-ed piece for its official organ, Pravda, saying he had never contacted the newspaper.

McCain’s spokesman Brian Rogers said Friday that the senator had accepted an offer from Pravda and would submit an opinion piece in response to President Vladimir Putin’s comment published in The New York Times on Thursday. But the Communists said they had heard nothing of the offer.

“There is only one Pravda in Russia, it is the organ of the Communist Party, and we have heard nothing about the intentions of the Republican senator,” the editor of Pravda, Boris Komotsky wrote in a statement on the party’s website. Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov also told the website that “it is surprising that McCain did not bother to inform either the leadership of the party or the editors of Pravda.”


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