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Bye Bye Birdie Clinton

The Republicans are singing Bye Bye Birdie Clinton. She is gone.

The Times, fearing El Chapo’s bid, had to print the news that Hill-Billy plays by her own rules. Badly.

The State Department’s inspector general revealed that Madame Secretary enjoyed her job of a Madame more than that of a Secretary

At TPV we are more charitable. It is all a hillbilly moment: If a Romanian hacker, #Guccifer, broke into her server out of boredom, it only means Hill-Billy does not hire people to handle her affairs. Like Bubba, Hill relies on interns.  Unfortunately, her knowledge of interns is limited to those Bubba used in the 1990s , and their knowledge is limited to AOL.

So, to all her supporters, here is one last kiss before Hill-Billie goes poof!




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