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Coming Out Loud – A Trump Song

I say he had some help
His brain is like a TV show
A madder, badder sadder king
If he should lose his mind how would we know
And though he’s got the biggest brain
He needed help to share the pain
But Lucifer was busy running hell
Rumpled, bearded
looks quite mellow
Nothing Bright about him
Far as I can tell
As cold as the sea / compassionate as gravity
As cold as the sea (2X)
A hot dry wind from Alabama
Turned into a man
What turned into a weasel
These things are hard to understand
the kind of man we had before
he’s bringing Southern Justice back
From 1964
They’re coming out (4x)
Yeah, he’s the brains behind it
He’ll separate you from your home
That is if he can find it.

Pruitt at the EPA
Don’t go for global warming

Says bible prophecy explains

Why all those bugs are swarming

the DOE
But now that he’s in charge of it

He’s singing let it be.

To teach us all a lesson
With blackboards chalk and children

Our mistress won’t be messin’

We asked her for her strategy
but she could not explain
It doesn’t really matter
he thinks the unemployed are slobs
he’s counting on his followers forgetting
I’ve heard it tell he’s ill disposed
to work with ladies wearing clothes
it make’s it hard for him to do the vetting
he’s got your front
he’s gonna grab you by the uhhh…
if you’ve got back and front that are worth getting [you know what I mean]
They’re coming out…
what have you got to lose (etc)
And we say “well…” (etc)
What have you got to lose, well.
What have you got to lose well. (etc)