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Debunking truthiness: Hillary Damaged? Bergdahl a Fighter?

Hillary Clinton Speaks At USAID Launch Of U.S. Global DevelopmentTruthiness is one overrated value the Americans have exported so much since GW Bush, that we cannot distinguish anymore between it and everything else. Here are two recent stories to explain my point.

1. Is Hillary brain damaged? I don’t think so. She was signing her own name on many print copies of her new memoir not long ago. And she was smiling. And she had tons of makeup. What brain damaged person would go out so well made-up? None I know of.

2. Is Bergdahl an Islamic fighter? I don’t think so either. The Times recently wrote that

Its portrayal of [Bergdahl] as a soldier is said to be positive, with quotes from both commanders and squad mates — apparently including some of the men now criticizing him — describing him as punctual, always in the correct uniform and asking good questions.

More to the point, colleagues of Bergahl also said that 

he expressed some boredom and frustration that they were not “kicking down doors” more to go after insurgents who were destroying schools.

That behavior is very American so, Bergdahl’s portrayal as a mujahid is 110% incorrect.

For more truthiness continue to read the news or just TPV.



INEXPLICABLE -Debunking truthiness: Hillary Damaged? Bergdahl a Fighter?


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