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Defining Braggadocio

War_in_Afghanistan_collage_Merriam-Webster defines braggadocio as

When George Bush-Fils opens his mouth, whether DWI or not.

No, that’s an exaggeration.  It happens only when he talks, not when he yawns. Wrong again. You caught me. That is not the dictionary definition of brag.ga.do.ci.o. That’s TPV’s.

Okay, one more disclaimer. Obama is doing it too. When he talks about bringing our troops home. We are still continuing Bush’s wars, and we are expanding Obama’s wars.

Okay, here’s another correction.  We will soon cease to have 200,000 soldiers (or almost) just in two places: Iraq & Afghanistan. We are expanding our reach. 10,000 here, 10,000 there, etc., etc., etc. The question still remains.

Why boast about bringing our troops home, Mr. President?

Shouldn’t you say that, as TPV’s Marquel says, that we are going back to basics, our Vietnam basics, and are training chieftains all over the world to conduct little wars against each other, wars fought with either our own girls and boys or preferably US-trained  mercenaries?

Or an even clearer position would be:

For the next two and a half years we are keeping our invasion options open.


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