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Facebook Takes over Craig’s List (and Amy’s …)

I have always bought my soap according to TV ads. I continue to buy Dove soap whether my skin gets smoother or rougher because I believe ads to be truthful, and I blame my skin for not conforming to the norm. You may think that I am a twit or gullible person, because TV ads are just tailored to the Nielsen ratings system, and perhaps I watch the show sponsored by Dove by chance and Dove is not meant for middle-age women but for younger women with naturally smooth skin.

Okay. Be it as you say. Because Facebook will soon send my way soap ads my Facebook friends like or watch. My Facebook friends are roughly my age and we either share some common event, interest or workplace. Using Facebook logic, it makes sense we use the same soap, if we read each other’s postings.

Don’t tell me this ad campaign smacks of a corporate panic attack. I know that Facebook is a has-been fad. Except the people who bought into the initial public offering, everybody knows it.

But just in case you want to hasten its exit, remember to disable the “third party advertising settings” to “no one.” Here are the instructions Facebook posted:

 On Friday, Facebook will start using your photos in ads targeting your contacts and fb friends. It is legal and was mentioned to you when you opened an account. To prevent this do the following:

Home-> Account Settings -> Facebook Ads (Botoom of left hand navigation panel) -> Adverts shown by third parties -> Edit third party advert settings, then choose “No one” in the list and SAVE the changes.

Copy or share this and please spread.


  1. You are coming across as racist. Mark entered into a racially mixed marriage and he should be applauded for that. Instead, you are mocking him.


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