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Heineken the Way to a Limber Self

Next week over 22,000 people will start getting limber. With Heineken. The US Open runs at Arthur Ashe Stadium, in Queens, NY, which seats over 22,000 people, from August 25 through September 8th. Its official sponsor, Heineken, dubs it

“the largest bar ever.”

BSnTKkvCMAAQbx4The Heineken sponsorship started last year, in 2013, and this is what it said on Twitter:

Stay limber between matches. Head to the for a cold drink and taste a custom menu ft.

This year, probably because the limber success rate was not that great last year, the MTA subway ads are less ambitious. They stopped asking the tens of thousands of US Open ticket holders who will take the subway to their afternoon distraction to buy food. They are only pushing the Heineken:

Stay limber between matches walk to the bar and order a Heineken.

Truth be told, Heineken may be a healthier choice than some Diet Pepsi or Diet Cola. Those may come with the added surprise of a small dose of cancer, while Heineken only comes with the certainty of a limber …head.


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  1. Truth in advertising: I think they’re saying it true – I’m not a doctor, but I read that beer is more effective when taken on an empty stomach.


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