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Kill Democracy to Anoint a Woman

Now, that the Clintons are behind the orange revolt in Ukraine – friends of friends have acquired the Ukraine gas and need to exploit it personally and globally without the involvement of local mafias – does not bother Americans. But that the Clintons are willing to blame Mother Russia for leaked emails that should hit the fan!

Here is how the Democratic Party works:

In the rush for big donations to pay for this week’s Democratic convention, a party staffer reached out to Tennessee donor Roy Cockrum in May with a special offer: the chance to attend a roundtable discussion with President Obama.

Cockrum, already a major Democratic contributor, was in. He gave an additional $33,400. And eight days later, he was assigned a place across the table from Obama at the Jefferson Hotel in downtown Washington, according to a seating chart sent to the White House.

The 28-person gathering drew rave reviews from the wealthy party financiers who attended.

“Wonderful event yesterday,” New York lawyer Robert Pietrzak wrote to his Democratic National Committee contact. “A lot of foreign policy, starting with my question on China. The President was in great form.”

The details of the high-dollar event were captured in the trove of internal DNC emails released last week by the site WikiLeaks that has riled the party as delegates gather in Philadelphia to nominate Hillary Clinton.

We thus have the proof that the American people do not matter for the Democratic apparatchiks, only the RICH do. We have the proof that Obama, the sitting Democratic President, has the same CORPORATE handlers as the Clintons. And, alas, we have the proof that Bernie is a Burp. But, hey, the Bernie supporters are something else. Despite Mr. Moore’s prediction that Ms. Clinton will get the “depressed Bernie vote,” I bet she won’t.

More importantly, the Democratic establishment is anti-Semitic, and here is the proof of that:

The DNC’s chief financial officer, Brad Marshall, sent an email asking “for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask Bernie his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage.”

Now, Mr. Marshall, you should know better. Bernie cannot pronounce the word Adonai, that is why he cannot tell you whether he believes in god or not. Get it?

Anyway, the Republicans may be crazy but their process is not rigged. We have the proof that the Democrats stand for corruption, and the media’re silent.

To elect this woman, the entire democratic process has been rigged. We have the proof and no one is doing anything. Now that should make all the feministas proud! Kill a democracy to anoint a woman.


By DANA NEACSU: Kill Democracy to Anoint a Woman


  1. Oh yeah?!? What PROOF do you have that H is a woman?

    On second thought, I don’t think I want to see it. And no, I won’t trust Bill on this one.

  2. speaking of the Slick One, I particularly liked this:

    but then, I would not trust Hill with emails, so for that I may have to get an intern,”

  3. The DNC’s chief financial officer, Brad Marshall, sent an email asking “for KY

    Getting wild over at the DNC, huh.

    Personally I think DNHC* just found Bernie a little Adonaiing.

    And that’s just a sample, folks, I’ll be in the Catskills for a week in late August – hitting them below the borscht belt…

    *H for Hilary of course, but we had a YMHA and YWHA in the town I grew up – I can’t remember if it was YMCA / YMHA etc. or just the H, as I remember, it was a big sign…

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