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Hillary’s Bill Collection

Bill de Blasio will be the next Mayor of NYC and now he is getting ready to break bread or pie with Hillary. I donated to his campaign $25 after the candidates’ debate. In that way too, I wanted to show that he was my choice. Instead of a thank you email, moments later I received a more intriguing acknowledgment. A female working for his campaign invited me to apply to win a ticket to a lunch hosted by Hillary for Bill de Blasio.

I replied that Bill did not need to do charity work for Hillary, reading into that lunch Hillary’s desire to be associated with Bill de Blasio. And at worst, I continued, Bill did not need to alienate his base. Bill de Blasio, unlike Hillary, represents a credible progressive candidate with US presidential chances. For now, the NYC people want him for who he is and what he stands for, and not for any triangulation ability, the Clintons might understand and endorse.

In reply to my reply lambasting the Hillary event, another female employee emailed me that she did not believe that I had applied to get the ticket to the event which would change my life, and she was not referring to a tour of Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory. It could be that Bill de Blasio’s campaign just recruited some Clintonites as volunteers, and if so, perhaps my reply to the second invitation to apply for a golden ticket has little chance to make it outside the trash bin, so here it is: again,

  • Bill, your last name is not Clinton, and thus you do not need Hillary. Furthermore, women do not vote vaginas any longer. Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan’s demands are over. Since the 1960s women have been born with vaginas, live with them, ergo, women have stopped voting for vaginas as vaginas. To be elected, a vagina needs some qualifier, and “just old” or “just because I want it” is not the right one. In my case “progressive” and “principled” would be the qualifiers to sway my vote. So, have your lunch for Clintonite sycophants but stop emailing your base about it. If you feel like bragging, post the pictures on Facebook and keep tabs of the likes.


  1. That’s where we’re different. I would want to know what they’re serving (food, I mean).

  2. Oona:
    The invitations have not stopped. At this point it looks that I am misbehaving by trashing them…so, sorry, I won’t be able to tell you anything about the food.


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