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Jason Gulya is currently working on his Ph.D. in English Literature at Rutgers University, and has a particular interest in representations of religion and spirituality in English literature. As a corollary of this interest, he is fascinated with representation in general—and, hence, media and art have become his hobby-horses.


“Religious Spectatorship: Harold Camping and the Coming of the Apocalypse”

“Risky, Real Risky”: Weinergate and American ADD”

“The NY Gay Marriage Bill and Its Place in Modern Activism”

“American Politics, a Tank, and the International Stage: The Venice Biennale”

“The Theory of Internet-Based Information”

“Mitt Romney’s Critique of Rick Perry, and Political Musings”

“The Funny Symbolism of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn Case”

“Killing? No, out of the question. Adultery? Yes, please”



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