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Kid Approved Toy-sized Life

This Christmas everybody can dream big. Ferraris and Porsches are still objects of envy as only the chosen few can afford them. But, finally this year, Christmas brings something to everybody. It brings dreams in multi-parts IKEA  packages.  It will take a lifetime to put all the parts together, and most likely you’ll give up. The good news is – we are talking about toys for your kids. These toys cost a lot, but only 0.1% of the price of the real deal.

Big Toys Green Country's Ferrari Ride On Car.
Big Toys Green Country’s Ferrari Ride On Car.

“Those cars are out of the reach of our customers, but it makes parents look like any Big Guy. With God willing, our customers can save enough to put their kids in the dream car they will never afford,” said Richard Barry, chief merchandising officer for Toys “R” Us.

When asked for more, Barry continued,

“Five-year old kids driving a replica Porsche are imagining they’re on a racetrack. And that’s great because now they can hapily to chores, unimaginable last years. A five-year old kid going 5 miles an hour driving their parents to work. Prental imagination and submission is tapped here, too, of course.”

Sales of battery-powered ride-on cars overall in the U.S. reached $430 million last year and so far this year are up 7.1%, said Juli Lennett, U.S. toy industry analyst for market researcher NPD Group.

BY DANA NEACSU: Kid Approved Toy-sized Life


  1. My brother’s in trouble. His kid already has a few ride in cars but I don’t think he’s got a Porche…


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