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The Luck of the Hemingway Cats

Key West’s Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, home to about 50 six-toed cats descended from one that belonged to the famed writer, made it safely through Hurricane Irma.

“In the absence of hurricanes, the cats roam the gardens and house freely, as if searching for their departed master,” the housekeeper told TPV.

Key West was under a full evacuation order, but the landmark’s general manager Jacque Sands refused to leave.

It would be too traumatic to move all the cats, it would be as if Trump’s family would have been evacuated, and I don’t want any analogies to be made.

Sands got her wish also in part due to the high position of the house (16 feet above sea level) and its 18-inch thick limestone walls, which proved sufficient to protect them all.

In light of this success, Trump recently announced that he had decided to raise Mar-a-Lago over 16 yards above the sea level, probably moving it to the Moon. TPV heard that there are many available lots out there, in need of yuge Trump Towers.


By Dana Neacsu: The Luck of the Hemingway Cats


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