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We Need Reflection Not Genuflection

This past July 14 the French people celebrated their national day, Bastille Day. July 14, 1789 remains one of the most remarkable days in Western civilization: it marks the beginning of a new era. On that day the social rubble took their destiny in their own hands telling the aristocracy to psychoanalyze themselves, which the French aristocracy did for a short while.

This year, 2016, Bastille Day connotes also the action film directed by James Watkins and written by Andrew Baldwin, starring Idris Elba, and which I have yet to see.

But most of all, July 14, 2016 represents Nice and a beach filled with some of the heirs of the 1789 revolutionaries, some immigrants and many foreigners, visiting France. Eighty four and counting were killed in an act which remains incomprehensible, unless we look at it as an act separating two ways of thinking and living:

The rejected path the white man propagated for the oppressed so-called barbaric cultureswhile stealing their natural riches for centuries, and

The chosen path the white man has been able to embrace and designate as superior to a large extent because of those stolen riches.

Now, the shit has hit the fan and the white man’s “western world” is in deep trouble.

  1. First, it is in trouble because the “western world” is not white anymore. It is just rich. So far the rich, irrespective their skin color, or size, gender or sexual orientation has designated a large part of the population. Unfortunately, rich is soon reaching the pre-1789 levels.
  2. Then, it is in trouble because there is no grand theory supporting a social movement to protect the western world. Remember the Crusades? The non-Christian had to be defeated, and peasants believed in talking geese, etc. Now, 140 characters or less is going to make that a tad more difficult to achieve.
  3. Worse, we are in trouble because we have no western leadership: all the buffoons “elected” are there because their subjects have been inebriated with cheap bread fried in fat and pornographic circus. The small-minded hacks promoting corporate interests, heirs to the 1789 aristocrats, are both expandable and laughable. Their best ideas have been that televising death perpetrated by their previous colonists will galvanize their masses — the Paris and Niece attacks could have been averted in today’s big brother society. But death is not unifying, not if chips and coca cola are an option.
  4. The worst of all is that under these circumstances, the Turkish coup becomes a test. A test in gullibility. The masses’ gullibility.

So, if the West has chosen to bury Marx, what’s next? What ideas will our gatekeepers allow to flourish? Identity politics are a sham: a corporate game to keep the pawns playing against each other and lose sight of the king and queen.  But, their funeral is still in the making. What about this little song:

Allons enfants de la Patrie
Le jour de gloire est arrivé !
Contre nous de la tyrannie,
it is high time we need to understand what is going on.


By DANA NEACSU: We Need Reflection Not Genuflection

july 18


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