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New Explosive Scoop Unearthed by the Guardian

In a new explosive scoop, much more interesting to some than the Verrizon-NSA – Obama scandal, The Guardian is getting ready to publish that all liberally-inclined newspapers published in the United States, and that includes, the so-called New York Times, and the L.A. Times, are in fact blogs written by friends of Sasha and Malia. The good news is that Malia is dating so both Times journals will soon have some tips about intimate hygiene and other things parents have a difficult time personally talking about with their own children, but nothing on the controversial Plan B, because that may irate the President.
On a page-8 note, the Guardian briefly mentioned the congratulatory telephone call Verizon intercepted between Obama and Putin, in which Putin suggested to free and send us all his political prisoners as long as we give them Verizon phone contracts.

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  1. First we tell our president we want jobs, then we find out that every time we download a video, call our psychiatrist, or text our mistress, the federal government is hard at work, and this is the thanks he gets?

  2. We can hear you : funny. But not with one of those “jail break” iPhones cause that just wouldn’t be right – nice pothole


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