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Reflections Post Elections – TPV Sends Thank you Notes

We had no choice. Billary was not our choice. Trump should have been no one’s choice. Two bad candidates. Hillary, the Crooked One. Trump, the Full-Mouthed Clown. So, we stayed put and waited. We were millions. Disenfranchised progressives. No one paid attention to us. We were disillusioned. Utopians. Pot-headed. No gooders. Maybe. But we were and remain united in our demand for change. We had no money to give. We were not among the thousands of contributors who gave over $150,000 to Hillary. We could not afford the $75,000, the top individual Trump contribution. We are not among the current demonstrators, because we did not have a stake in this election the Democrats stole from us.

So, thank you Mr. President Obama for not having the balls to anoint Joe Biden as your successor – he is a clean old white man. Perhaps you need to watch Paul’s grandfather to understand the attraction.

Thank you Hollywood for choosing Hillary the safety pin in a year of ripping apart and building from scratch election climate.

Thank you pundits, fake and not fake, especially the likes of John Oliver and Stephen Colbert. You were so funny making Hillary likable. We laughed so hard we tuned you off.

Oh, and SNL and the Seinfeld crowd. How much fun we had watching you choose Hillary over Bernie because Hillary wouldn’t touch your money. I guess you’re happy now. Trump will give you a tax cut. Enjoy it before the Earth melts. Assholes.


And finally, thank you Hillary for running. You just couldn’t help yourself.


By DANA NEACSU: Reflections Post Elections – TPV Sends Thank you Notes


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