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Short Workouts Amount to Little More than That

Think you’re too busy to work out? We have the workout for you. In minutes, high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) will have you sweating, breathing hard and maximizing the health benefits of exercise without the time commitment. Best of all, it’s scientifically proven to work.


NY Times’ news that An Hour of Running May Add 7 Hours to Your Life.

Marquel was torn. Really really short workouts or 7 hours more? It seemed like a no brainer. He called Blinks Fitness and they sent over a personal trainer, fully certified in really really short workouts.
“So can we do this?” He asked.
“Of course. The secret is baby steps.”
Said the buff guy, as he put his thumb and index finger completely around Marquel’s bicep.
” Here’s what well do, ” said the big guy , ” why don’t you lie down and rest . “
Supine, Marquel asked, “Now what? “
 “Just hold that for 10 seconds , ” the trainer said.
 ” Hold what? ” asked Marquel .
 ” What you’re doing , ” he said.
 “Lying here ? ” Inquired Marquel .
 ” Ssshh, ” ordered the trainer. ” just hold that rest. “
Then he told Marquel to go about his day and he would insert the really really short exercises.
Marquel poured some Cheerios, added milk and picked up his spoon.
“Stop,” said the big guy, ” put the spoon down and lift it up again . Do that 10 times . No. Five times . You’ll do 10 next week “
Wow. Marquell was winded. Three, four, five. He waited a few moments to regain his breath and then started eating again.
 The trainer smiled broadly. Marquel smiled back.
 ” Hold that smile five more times. “
 Two three four. He couldn’t quite make five . Marquel looked up at the trainer .
 ” That’s fine, ” said the brute. ” Well do five next week. “
 Marquel thought he should get to work . He lifted up his smartphone and dialed the Times. By now he was watching the trainer every time he moved . Sure enough, the trainer spoke .
“Here is an easy way to get the same exercise. Press the red button. Now press redial. Press the red button. Now press redial. Four more times. That’s it very good.”
Marquel spoke to his editor and explained, ” No, I can’t take anymore assignments . I’m in the middle of a major health investigation. ” He started typing out his notes.
The trainer said, “You’re working out too hard . Try to dictate that.”
 Marquel started dictating .
 Mr. Muscle interrupted, ” Try whispering . “
 Marquel did as he was told but stopped in mid sentence. ” I’m beat,” he complained.
 ” Of course , ” Said Stretch Armstrong. “You’re doing too much too fast.”
“I’ve gotta pee,” pleaded Marquel.
The big man raised his arm.” Save that until the end of the day. You’re doing too much. “
 Marquel knew he was right. He was winded .
Still I figured maybe an hour of running would be easier. I told him.
“That would be fine,” said my guy.
We changed into shorts.
“Wait,” said coach. “Remember. Baby steps. One leg at a time. Then rest. Then the other leg.”
I was winded again. Just from putting on my shorts. I forced myself out the door.
 “Whenever you’re ready,” he said, running in place, happy as pie.
I took my first step.
“Stop,” said coach. “If you want to jog, that’s great, but take a rest after each step.”
So that’s what we did. One step. Rest. Another step. Rest. Ad’s so on. I was winded when I reached the corner.
Coach was happy. He said, “That’s the secret. No matter what you do. Take a step, then rest.”
I do think that’s the key. To everything in life. Whatever you do. Take a step. Then rest. I’m exhausted from writing. Time to rest.
By Marquel: Short Workouts Amount to Little More than That


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