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Thanks, Larry … and TED!

Have you ever felt you are an egotistical bastard and, for once, you haven’t felt good about it? Not comfortable with yourself? Guilty with and no more excuses? Blocked and without inspiration?

It is so hard sometimes to pinpoint exactly where your life needed that bit of inspiration. Surfing the net, again and again, you kept looking. I mean, look at that huge basket of TED talks! So many issues! So many great areas to focus your mind, soul, time, or money on!

Facing so many options it is only natural to begin asking yourself: what do I REALLY care about? Do I have a passionate demon inside me that needs to be fed with ideas, concepts and compassion? Am I a spiritual flame? Do I really care to die for a CAUSE? Should I google “AFRICA”? Or should I just go there?

Like most of my fellows I invested most of my life in me, Me, ME. Strangely enough (as many of us bathe in an ocean of Christian values) the option to invest in other peoples’ lives doesn’t come as naturally as we might expect. Quite the opposite, we feel fully entitled to be selfish and self-centered. Of course, these complex times are to be blamed. Even getting ahead at work takes more gut … or just elbowing, than it did a few years ago. There is no doubt about it. Altruism has always been a tough choice, and now it’s only tougher.

As it happens, the moment I started toying with all these thoughts or concepts – not clear yet what or if I should do more for anybody else, and less for myself — I stumbled upon this video conference of Larry Smith. A miracle happened. Ten minutes later, I was my old self egotistical bastard, and this time, I felt unabashedly good about myself.

Thanks Larry!

[youtube id=iKHTawgyKWQ width=470 height=400]