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The Making of a Presidential Hopeful

In the year 2016, to run for the job of US President it takes one of the following two mandatory qualifications:

either a spouse (define spouse) whose resume mentions “US President,” or a good looking (relatively speaking) real man from a real American state (read New Jersey).

While Hillary is playing coy with James Carvill, The Man from New Jersey, Chris Christie is playing Houdini with his tummy.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie secretly underwent lap-band stomach surgery to aggressively slim down for the sake of this nation, he revealed to The Post last night (but not in this many words) http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/chris_cuts_waist_oAUDrJ8Sm1fY6awWgFY6nN?utm_source=SFnewyorkpost&utm_medium=SFnewyorkpost.

TPV believes that if he can stay slim or as slim as Hillary is cute, he can win.  So, can you do it, Mr. Governor?


  1. Bill Clinton was a burger man in office, going vegan only after he stopped running.

    Reagan claimed his jet black hair was all natural, even as he conceded his mind was going.

    Yeltsin did push-ups to prove he wasn’t the mess he was.

    Sanford swept back into office with his international trail-mate, crediting God but still stalking his ex.

    Sarah Palin is threatening to put something between her cheek and gums at the big gun show.

    Glenn Beck,  not so secret admirer of Ms. Palin, is jealous of a pressure cooker – HE wants to be a recognized weapon of mass destruction.

    Bush the elder lowered his vocal tessitura to sound more manly / presidential.

    And now, the other Big Man from Jersey is making himself into a littler man to battle a woman for the White House.

    The only question that remains – they can pump that thing full of saline to make his tummy tighter – but can they let some out when the international situation heats up and it’s a coin toss between a big mac attack and the red button?


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