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TheWeekholeView: What Shall We Watch When Not Sleeping?

Here, each hole starts on Wednesdays and this is what fell through this past week:

Wednesday, May 15, brought us the news that the Justice Department seized phone records from the Associated Press news service as part of a power show-off by the name of “leak investigation.” The portent of this revelation has more literary meaning than intimidation as the much ignored Dr. Zhivago could finally become a summer must-read (or must-watch).

[youtube id=wAWrXTn5Www width=470 height=315]

The defender of the honor of Ryan Fogle, the man whom the State Department obstinately calls a “US diplomat”, revealed on Thursday, May 16, that Fogle, far from being an idiot, was required to act foolishly: Fogle was told to recruit Dagestan experts who travelled to various unidentified terrorists’ home towns. Our sources could not reveal whether the State Department is interested in sponsoring terror-tourism, as an alternative to sex-tourism, for instance, and whether Siberia or the Arizona desert would provide the villages. Again, if this plot does not make sense, perhaps the following video may help.

[youtube id=4hlBIayuRCU width=470 height=315]

On Friday, May 17, Anthony Wiener persisted that the ad he and his wife Huma, Hillary’s aid, shot the previous day was not intended to kick off his upcoming mayoral campaign. It was meant to remind their toddler that his parents, Anthony and Huma, are still together and Kramer vs. Kramer will never be relevant to the marriage his parents contracted a few years ago.

[youtube id=80UzhoD-RBs width=470 height=315]

On Saturday, May 18, Bob Woodward explained why the White House’s laundering of its talking points after the Benghazi attack reminded him of Nixon editing the transcripts of his coverup conversations on Watergate. For the neophite, All the President’s Men remains a great educational movie.

[youtube id=PSk8wCWjjds width=470 height=315]

On Sunday, May 19, we learned that Beckam will stop beding it. It was nice while it lasted.

On Monday, May20, if we ever need to go further underground, we could change from ThePotholeView to  Street Chick and Manhole. Of course, the inspiration comes from Claes Oldenburg’s drawing with the same name, now on display at MoMA.

On Tuesday, May 21, news from Germany finally crossed the pond to us, and we learned that German youth, again, are poised to think ahead of the other national and ethinic youth groups. The group, Junge Linke, recently opposed the marketing of the doll called Barbie as a powerful symbol dividing the international working consumer class: inticing men to oversexualize women and inducing women to oversexualize themselves. Their approach may be too naive, but because they seem to think, we have no movie recommendations to suggest.


  1. OK, I’ll have to look up Ryan Fogle, but is TPV leading us on :  you knew we were waiting for that last movie clip, didn’t you?

  2. Ryan Fogle, oh, OK, I didn’t recognize him without his wig (and super secret spy code name…)


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