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TheWeekholeView: The Demo-crats Become the Aristo-crats

At TPV there is a never-ending hole. Here’s what fell through within the past week.

On Wednesday, November 16, the Demo-crats chose to change their party name and be known as the Aristo-crats.

On Thursday, November 17, the Demo-Aristo-crats started working on diversifying themselves and welcomed to their leadership team, Keith Ellison, a congressman no one would have heard of, hadn’t Trump won: Ellison is a Muslim convert, who substituted the Koran for the Bible Congress people usually swear on their devotion to God and dollars.

imrsOn Friday, November 18, the Demo-Aristo-crats chose their leadership leader: sell-out Chuck Schumer and his acolytes. To his credit, Chuck included Bernie as the 10th Aristocrat leader.

On Saturday, November 19, Trump turned staid process of selecting cabinet members into a veritable pageant for the third age, as AARP-members paraded to his door.

On Sunday, November 20, Trump woke up Ben Carson with a Cabinet proposal, that of Secretary.

On Monday, November 21, Trump, the 2016 CEO-in-Chief called in more candidates as transition moved to agencies. In response to that, Kanye West, the 2020 CEO-in-Chief, cancelled his remaining Saint Pablo Tour dates.

On Tuesday, November 22, Trump outlined his administration’s agenda for the first and only 100 days he would be in office.


By DANA NEACSU: TheWeekholeView: The Demo-crats Become the Aristo-crats



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