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TheWeekholeView Fakes Frustration

Though signs are coming about an imminent change in our power structure, the democratic process is tedious and often frustrating. Trump himself, the guy at the head of our American version of Monopoly, apparently had to find the hard way that he would not be able to play Louis IX, dispensing decisions in criminal or civil investigations. For instance, he cannot dispense with Muller’s services in the Russia investigation. Until then:

  1. Trump is taking time off, 11 days to be more precise to visit hotels which have not been bugged by the CIA. We guess, Trump needs to make phone calls to the Russians without being intercepted.
  2. While away Trump will also work on a preliminary list of people he intends to pardon when Robert Mueller ends his indictments, which Mueller, so far, thinks are unpardonable.
  3. On that list of “pardonable gaffes”, as the administration calls them,Trump included a name which should make both the Jews and the Democrats happy, Harvey Weinstein’s.
  4. Travelling with his youngest wife, Trump will also find time to prove Rick Perry correct: when the fossil fuel light is on, no sexual acts happen. While this anecdotal evidence may be of some relief to Perry, TPV would like to point out the Trump perennial prenup agreement which mandates to all his wives “to have sex with Donald only until a progeny is conceived, and then only if the man is still alive.”
  5. Flying across the planet, Trump has created a butterfly effect in England, where Conservatives are wondering what happened to their movement. Like the Republicans here, they want austerity for the masses, further isolation from the masses, ignorance for the masses, forgetting that the masses are the 90% of the world population.  But, better educated than our Republicans, the British Conservatives have noticed that all this rich-man empowerment hasn’t made them any happier. Only lonelier.
  6. Hillary proves a good friend to Trump. Her sleaziness in the DNC dealings and her gross Russian-like maneuvering of Bernie Sanders proves second only to Trump outmaneuvering her. Care to talk Hillary?
  7. With another bit of luck something else will happen while Trump’s away. We did have the Halloween scare in NYC this year, didn’t we? Who knows what comes next. It’s a free country ours, isn’t it?


By DANA NEACSU: TheWeekholeView Fakes Frustration



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