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What Is Wrong with the Left? Its Republican Balls

What Is Wrong with the Left
What Is Wrong with the Left
What Is Wrong with the Left

Now, Charlie Hebdo is what TPV would like to be compared to when people need to compare us to some thing or another. So, when I read “Eloge de la Bonne Folie” while drinking my morning coffee on Avenue Daumesnil, I knew I was in for a treat which I would later like to share with our readers.  Succinctly paraphrasing  Paul Klein’s article: If Francois Hollande claims to be a president of the left, then that is arrogance and folly. Because his claim is unfounded: he has helped the number of French millionaires reach a historical peak. Thus, he is both arrogant and foolish. The masses of 1789 are paying for their bankable castles.

Across the pond, for the last 20 years, every so-called Democrat pretender to the presidential throne has proved arrogance – won the throne through arrogance and then used someone’s pair of Republican balls to increase the number of American millionaires and billionaires at the expense of the masses.

Now,  here comes Hillary. Her pedigree is Bill’s arrogance – WTO, NAFTA, the end of welfare as we knew it, because increasing the number of millionaires and billionaires requires hard work with little or no benefits.

So, why should people vote Democratic in any election? Because the Republicans are warmonger-crazy? Because we may lose the federal right to abort? Because middle age employable gays and lesbians would not be able to join in the other middle-age employable Americans in matrimony mystery?

As for me? I do hope there is some younger millionaire out there with the balls to say, to hell with my friends and family, let’s do something for those guys who eat with their mouth open, take the subway, sweat, wear clothes made in China and order pizza for their birthday party. Let’s give them better teachers, free health care and some security in their old age because all this would cost us would be either some taxation on inheritance or giving up some wars.

Either way doable.



BY DANA NEACSU: What’s Wrong with the Left? Its Republican Balls






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