9 Days before Iowa Votes: Hill, Bloomberg’s Mouth Piece?

Breaking News from the Democrats-for-Sale Headquarters in Iowa: Here it is from the horse’s mouth, pardon TPV’s French, from Bloomberg’s tent. Here is the big news of the day> Hill sucks Stop... Read more »

Made in NYC. TPV Noted. Bikes Come and Go. Bikers Remain. Happy for Now

A few weeks ago I wrote that: A douchebag billionaire mayor, the Bloomberg, cared enough for the Lower East Side New Yorkers (Loisaida) to approve Citi Bikes station all over. Loisaida is a neighborhood long-known... Read more »

Sox Over the Weiner

“I saw him [Anthony Weiner] in the shower once, but I was so distracted by the shnoz that I forgot to look at the crotch.” My friend said this to me. I... Read more »

Bloomberg from Billionaire Mayor to Billionaire Douchebag

In a last attempt to establish a legacy beyond governing the City when the Plaza Hotel moved hands from Eloise to Arab sheiks, Read more »

Mayor Bloomberg to New Yorkers: Let Them Ride Bikes

Finally, Mayor Bloomberg did something for the little guys. Read more »

TheWeekholeView- Easter Eggs or Crusades

Read more »

Magic Mike. Bloomberg, the Male Stripper

Amid concerns that the Marathon may let foreigners gauge the depth of the American dream a week after a tropical storm ravaged what used to be called  The City (aka New York City),... Read more »

The New York Times Approves of the Mayor’s Job Performance

For the last few days, since I glanced at The New York Times headline, “City Voters Approve of Mayor’s Overall Job Performance,” I have been wondering how do you ask a voter... Read more »

Gay Marriage Law In Effect, Enforcement Remains Lax

Police and officials seem uncertain of enforcement mechanism—mayor’s office refuses to intervene; citizens openly flout law. New York’s gay marriage law is in its second week on the books, but according to... Read more »