How Do You Say Goodbye in Chinese? Kenny G

Marquel, TPVs Times Exit correspond?ent missed his own mother’s celebration because he could not believe this New York Times headline: China Says Goodbye in the Key of G: Kenny G. “Going Home”... Read more »

Michelle Does China. Successfully.

In a tremendous tour de force, the First Minority Lady promoted both free speech and government involvement in people’s lives. Read more »

What Is Sublime? The Unexpected

I remember learning about the scientific sense of sublimation in middle school On their bottle question. With easy have of because shower hair SuperSolanoX1875. I go. I anybody weeks. I a far... Read more »

Outrage over Chinese Giving Birth to Babies on US Soil

Americans have yet to understand that the only viable employment options left to us are either joining the US army or some form of successful show biz. However, despite this confusion some... Read more »

Xi Jinping, all hot and wanting more

Xi Jinping, a name to watch! Completing only its second orderly hand-over of power in more than six decades of rule, the Chinese Communist Party on Thursday unveiled a new leadership slate... Read more »

Romney Ryan 2012 – America’s Comeback to What? Team

“I’ll be back” Arnold Schwarzenegger said as an American actor many times, most notably in his role as the title character in the 1984 film, The Terminator. The Beatles had an “I’ll... Read more »

red buddha

Mao attaining… (to buddhahood) Mao you Chairman Buddha now fat cat china cool Tao, your zen red book Great leap forward bone to throw the masses off… seeking you in bullett holes... Read more »
Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

In smoked glass on a broken hill above Matavie Bay we watched that shade that silhouette slide by the crooked mill the wind that tossed our clothes Read more »

All I Want for Christmas Is… a Revolution

It’s Christmas time and nothing would stave off the cold and unemployment better than a revolution.  Lenin gave history one of its most Read more »

Watch, Don’t Think: The Case of “Top Secret” in Beijing

There is a profound distinction to be made between seeing and thinking, between witnessing something and unpacking it intellectually.  Wrapped up in these concerns, in a complex way, is the powerful tool... Read more »