The Unbearable Joy of Being O

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Facebook Takes over Craig’s List (and Amy’s …)

I have always bought my soap according to TV ads. I continue to buy Dove soap whether my skin gets smoother or rougher because I believe ads to be truthful, and I... Read more »

The “I Killed Osama” badge. Who wouldn’t want one?

Surely enough, Obama holds that badge. For now. But that’s just not fair, says “a group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives” (Reuters). They say Obama must start sharing it.... Read more »


This week’s revelations may not be biblical. Nevertheless, they are entertaining. Twelve high school girls in upstate New York resolved to engage in neurotic behavior in the absence of any celebrity stop at... Read more »
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The Kids Are Alright. Or Maybe They Aren’t

I own the CD “The Best of Pete Townshend,” and the use of the word ‘best’ in relation to this collection of songs is misleading, at the very least. For a best... Read more »

Urination, Shame, and Videotapes – Not a Miramax Release

If only from civics 101, Americans should know that peeing on corpses is not nice.  I doubt that when the colonists fought the Native Americans, those Puritans piously urinated on the lifeless... Read more »

The Affability of Evil. An Evening with Dick Cheney

It is not often, in my experience, that a person is given the chance to find out what he will sell out for. In my case the price was surprisingly (to me)... Read more »

High School Musical on for Another Season

How the Gleeks are maintaining the stranglehold of mediocrity on mass culture—and what did music ever do to them to make them hate music so much? It’s heartwarming and uplifting. It’s fun... Read more »