Sole Angola

Woodfox in an iron cage

cold Angola box

twenty three hours

of a twenty four hour day

forty years and counting

huntsman foul

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homage to fried shoes*

bum feet

street-beat wise

sunk in banged up shoes


dumpster swiped


hobo soled



covered in foot funk


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the ride

death is a lime green cadillac

with two sleek fins

circa 1959

lots of chrome

humongous tinted windshield


glides above

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on ice

it’s difficult to know exactly

how many of them are gone

but the percentage is high


not the one’s who’ve lost

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Confederate X

piss stains on the wizard sheet
pulled from last night’s bed
southern clown
klansman gown

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alternative conversation

next to my house
in a towering maple’s highest crook
I’ve wedged an empty soup can
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words were bees

your pollen enticed

tore from my heart’s hive


torrid drones

your scent convulsed

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 jornada del muerto

 jornada del muerto (journey of the dead man)

  “no one pays attention to these killings,

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the laughing men

oh memory

childhood illusion

behind what synapse

the aroma of smoldering autumn fire

suburban side roads

softly gauzed in smoky

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Broken man, your fists, two blue sphinx

curled atop a frayed wool blanket

guarding what wastes beneath.


And still,

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the light whose darkness is light

sweltering August afternoon

Rene Lazare
bare foot, bare chested
in a leather smock

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the myth of Paradise

ninety-nine names of God in a hat


choose what you need

throw the rest back


take the God without image

God without

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 blue harp

late night hooch bar

boozed up jam…

edgy blues cat

in a grey fedora

wrap around shades

pointy shoes

sweat soaked

lime green

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s_a_v_t_o_ train

insatiable appetite

eats everything




devours without end

flies under the radar

of patriotic flags


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