nici nu mai stiu de te iubesc sau oboseala clipei e doar o amagire mai e un pic si se sfarseste lumea (numaratoare inversa) I don’t even know whether I love you... Read more »

perpetuum nobile

Perpetuum nobile Read more »

today today today today today

my life’s greatest butterfly fell suddenly with his broken wings of blood crumbled he could have fallen the next day as any decent angel but he chose to be just a butterfly... Read more »


îmi amintesc de tine doar cînd dorm cu genele pline de nesomn (plutire) I recall you asleep with lashes heavy of awake (floating) *** By PUIU JIPA: floating (translation by dana neacsu;... Read more »


had you stayed a moment longer on that silk stone the full moon would have asked you if you did not want to be its bride instead you left along the muted... Read more »


mă îmbătam și ziceam că iarna e o iluzie că verdele e doar un mucegai de jur împrejur niște îngeri râdeau (orbitorb) I would get drunk So I could say Winter is... Read more »

Proudly Made in America – Presidential Sexual Assault

“I did try and fuck her. She was married. I moved on her like a bitch, But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful.... Read more »


we could have conquered cities but we stayed behind in the dark alleys among passionate kisses Read more »


This town is too small it strangles my walking it keeps me talking an old woman surreal on the brink of orgasm you have no place to hide once there was a... Read more »

contemplation at dawn

    I only saw your breasts asleep aromatic asymmetric I sniffed around and I forgot to remember myself (contemplation at dawn ) îți vedeam numai sînii adormiți aromați asimetrici amușinam și... Read more »
Ben Howe. painting art


I go outside to drink a bottle of beer the air harsher than the moon up there doesn’t come down the cigarette has its smoke coiled around your profile smells of sick... Read more »

Poetic Puiu. Four More.

I live in the most beautiful island my brain ( exile maze )   locuiesc în cea mai frumoasă insulă creierul meu (exil în labirint)  do not go stay there I’ll come... Read more »


I died today then I got drunk or vice versa (a kind of order) if the stars had shadows it would be more night (question) azi am murit apoi m-am îmbătat sau... Read more »


your silent moments are just uncolored shards (disorder) _________________ tăcerile tale sînt doar cioburi necolorate (dezordini) By PUIU JIPA: disorder (translated by dana neacsu & heath mayhew) Read more »