the holy city in my dreams

jazz fusions blew my mind last night, man Monk was walkin black spiders down eighty-eight west as rain fell in sheets and blink-blink-blink the vibes lit up ambulance...
Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus

In smoked glass on a broken hill above Matavie Bay we watched that shade that silhouette slide by the crooked mill the wind that tossed our clothes outside the graveyard gate  A veteran of what you...


Unspooled on a fractured sidewalk an abstract horn man threads breath into wind conjurs up a street hustle kiss in sweet, mostly un-noticed love songs… Autumn in New York April...
war by George Murphy

The Number of Our Days

Your flesh was a glass chorus of cruel sirens who with every touch chafed the ribbons of my fingers raw. In your blue eyes I notched with a yellow...
Diego Rivera's Frozen Assets

Yellow Manhattan

All night cross-town cabs yellow black Manhattan traveling at the speed of metered time. Surrounded by hubbub and sound honking their way to curb exits. Driven by expatriated hacks who...


Light is salutation is New York at night is a billion sparks fallen from a heaven of stars to pulse above Harlem, Carnegie Hall, Soho, Little...
Faith by George Murphy


In the dark heart of Rome a saint burns brightly by the fire Diocletian thought he knew what to do with Christian dogs. He was a humble man with good intentions not knowing they...
Naked by George Murphy


Naked Pocahontas cartwheels between sheaves of meadow grass and half truth history Little wanton Matoaka Turns twelve Within the rough-cut walls of sixteen eight Tobacco men of Jamestown elbow through blue smoke pulling on their blackened pipes grin dirty white to see...

The Reprieve

You flew in my room I'd left the door cracked against the autumn air A wren you were no bigger than a latchkey   Lucky for you it was only me in residence The cat was gone just dreaming perhaps of...


for Era Kever I stepped out stray on those cracked streets South Harlem in the summer night Black looks in shadow Death gliding on the air I didn’t see you there  They were fighting on one...
CHOCOLATE by George Murphy


 Taking chocolate to a sushi bar was a crazy thing to do  She smiled her gratitude  Blackening her teeth like a Tokugawa geisha

Thin Rain

Thin rain melting snow I can't tell you how tired I am of your back and my thoughts   George Murphy

WEST 18th

We ended on the floor on West 18th She said I can only come in one position I said I’m glad we got that straight   George Murphy

Paris Hilton’s Lost Poem

Scholars dispute the provenance of this small masterpiece. But the Paparazzi references seal it for me. Tabloid hacks were stunned by the first publication....

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