TheWeekholeView: Trump’s a Punk though Not Daft

This past week, TPV had much to handle, and here is what fell through the hole:
On Monday, July 10, with his father on a different continent, Don Jr. found his voice, abandoned in a drawer full of Russian ties.
On Tuesday, July 11, Don Jr. met with the media, and did a full frontal for Sean Hannity, who liked it.

On Wednesday, July 12, it dawned on TPV that even their names are from a deleted Godfather installment:

The Mafia Don and His Jr.

On Thursday, July 13, Trump‘s French visit began with a trip to Napoleon’s Tomb at Les Invalides, where Trump was heard asking Melania,

why are we here?

On Friday, July 14, French President Emmanuel Macron and our Trump shared a 30-minute long handshake, unable to share anything else, despite having open marriages. When the men started addressing that thorny subject, both wives walked away, with Brigitte Macron almost running away at the thought of viewing the naked body of T; & Melania moving really slow.

While this was going on, the rest of the French people enjoyed the French Army‘s sense of music, Daft Punk.

In addition to France’s national holiday, the parade also commemorated the almost 100 years since the U.S. entered into World War I in April 1917, or as the French media referred to them,

“The Good Old Years without Trump.”

On Saturday, July 15, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he was deferring action on Trumpcare legislation due to the absence of Sen. John McCain, who was advised by doctors to remain in Arizona after undergoing surgery for a blood clot.

Back home, Trump woke up at his golf club in New Jersey; Mar a Lago had been rented by Putin for the summer.

On Sunday, July 16, God rested and Trump started tweeting. Again.


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