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From Rep. (R) Kevin Yoder’s official site we learned that Kevin is a fifth-generation Kansan who grew up on a grain and livestock farm near Yoder, Kansas. He attended public school in Hutchinson, Kansas before attending college. Kevin received his degrees in Political Science and English from the University of Kansas, graduating in 1999 with Honors.

So, why would anybody want to say anything against such a holy person, as his Facebook account intimates?

 Kevin is a United States Congressman, representing Kansas’ 3rd District. www.Yoder.house.gov. Please refrain from using inappropriate language in posts – these will be removed. This is Congressman Yoder’s official office page – not a campaign page.

I guess you all know the answer. Politico spilled the beans. Kevin was the naked lawmakers in this statement:

The FBI probed a late-night swim in the Sea of Galilee that involved drinking, numerous GOP freshmen lawmakers, top leadership staff – and one nude member of Congress, according to more than a dozen sources, including eyewitnesses.

I visited the Sea of Galilee many years ago when America was involved in the peace process supporting the efforts of the late Prime Minister Rabin and those of the late King Hussein of Jordan. But now instead of rekindling that effort, it seems that America is involved in using Israel as a place of debasement and amusement.

Israel, I hope you know that Cuba is going to replace you soon. It’s closer to us and many of the thirsty GOP members speak some form of Spanish.



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