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Ben Carson’s Fables

Marquel, Aesop’s & Carson’s Fables Section correspondent, was watching the Republic Debate, and, mid-laugh, read the NY Times Article “Ben Carson Resists Challenges to the Life Story He Rode to Political Prominence. ”

Marquel noticed that Carson is treated differently than all other candidates.  People ask,  “What has Trump done now? ” or,  “Christie?  What’d he do?” But not Carson.  When they discuss him,  it goes something like,  “What didn’t he do now?
It seems that Carson has made up another person and that’s the one we hear about.  It isn’t really lying because there really is a person who did all the things he describes. It’s just a matter of confusion.  I guess it’s Carson
I and Carson II. Carson II seems to be far more interesting,  intelligent,  articulate,  talented,  and electable than Carson I. Also,  Carson II apparently can actually read,  and did in fact go to medical school. After that it gets really complicated.  But it’s not surprising that Carson I spends most of his time giving us the life story of Carson II.
For instance Carson II seems to have been an astronaut sent up to operate on the minds of young Martians.  Of course there were no Martians young or old.  But Carson I actually believes in Martians.  That’s what I mean by complicated.  It was hell getting an interview with Carson II but I finally succeeded. 

“So,  Carson II, Can you tell me a little about yourself?” I asked.
“I guess so.  I think if myself just as Carson.  That could be at the root of all this trouble.  Second,  I’m pretty shy, unembarrassed about it,  and not used to talking about myself. I usually let Ben do that.” He said.
“I’m the same way, ” I lied,  “so I understand. Just tell me about your life,  experiences,  accomplishments and talents. “
“I’ve done just about everything. Things you’d think impossible. That’s why Carson takes such a hit. Just cause I got a full scholarship to West Point, they blame Carson for the fact that a West Point doesn’t exist, since West Point is free. But I got a scholarship! I also got a medical degree and can read one language. Just because of that they blame Carson ’cause he didn’t do either. Is that fair?” Carson II asked.
“Doesn’t sound fair to me. If you did it, why can’t he take the credit?” I asked.
“Beats me. I think there’s something wrong here. Maybe we need a constitutional amendment.” He said.
“But Carson I would just say lower taxes even more. That’s his solution to everything. No government.” I said.
“But don’t you know he’s a real idiot? He has had severe brain damage since birth.” Said Carson II.
“I guess we did know that. He said nothing about the brain damage. Maybe you should run in his place” I said.
“I’m not that dumb.” He said.
“No, the wrong one is.”


  1. I can’t agree with this article more. Carson is a complete retard. Maybe even more than Trump, who is at least good for a laugh!


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