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Days Earlier DHS Awards Docu-Oscar to 5 Broken Cameras. Way to Go Hollywood!

In an unprecedented move, the Daily News reports, LAX- Los Angeles International Airport security personnel broke decades-old rule about keeping quiet when they see foreign celebrities entering the country to get their Oscar statuettes.  The airport staff are supposed to play meek and avoid detaining  celebrities for hours until they sign tens of autographs. Most of the airport personnel are retired actors who know how to pretend to be cool. But on February 19, all hell broke loose. Here is the explanation TPV received by fax from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Los Angeles division.

The movie -5 Broken Cameras– is so well-done; the acting is so real; the olive trees so clearly destroyed, and the Israeli soldiers have such great shades that  when our people saw Emad Burnad, the Palestinian co-director, getting out of the airplane with his wife and young son, we were just overcome with joy. We were told not to congratulate him openly for something regular folks would learn on Sunday. So you could say that we had no other choice but to detain him and pretend to investigate his Palestinian passport. But the true reason for withholding him for almost two hours was that we are fans. Big Fans! And yes, we did give his son a miniature Godiva Oscar.

This fax explains it all and, Emad, congrats to you and Guy!

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  1. I saw the headline in the so called “real” media, but didn’t read the story – now I know not just the story, but the inside story.

    Thanks PHV!


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