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Donald’s Gut Makes Decisions

Mr. Trump will announce his vice-presidential selection soon, the New York Times informs its readers. Mr Trump’s decision will be surprising but not really.

  1. Mr. Trump’s decision will not be based on his mate’s fund-raising prowess or potential.
  2. It will not be based on experience.
  3. It will neither be based on looks or gender.
  4. It will be based on nothing.
  5. It will be a fluke.  

His decision will be unique, because it will come to him while asleep. Melania will get the envelope and he will read it aloud. Asked to offer more insight into his decision-making process, the Donald said:

“My decision is largely coming down to instinct. A lot of is gut. A lot of it is,” said the Republican nominee for the highest job of the land. “My whole life has been about gut. Gut and guts and gutting.”

Asked for quick thoughts about each of the candidates he is known to be considering, Mr. Trump played along.

Governor Christie?

“Strong,” he said.

Retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn?

“A patriot.”

Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa?

“A terrific, exciting person.”

Governor Pence?

“Solid as a rock.”

 Mr. Gingrich?

“Newt is Newt. He’s a good guy.”

Scary all, and then more. Look who’s Hill-Billy considering for their mate: a retired admiral. It seems that we are getting ready for a national bonfire no matter who wins, dear Justice Ginsburg, and I don’t want to imagine what this place is going to be no matter who wins.


By DANA NEACSU: Donald’s Gut Makes Decisions


  1. Trump has said he’ll see if he takes the job once he wins, maybe TVP can put him on the board.

  2. I have a hard time telling where Trump ends and TVP begins – I liked gut and guts and gutting, whoever came up with it.


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