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eBay Benefited from Hacker Attack

The first giant of digital commerce, eBay, is undergoing a major makeover.

Hackers accessed the data of 145 million users, mostly US citizens and took down their bust, waist and hip measurements, so they could tailor the most efficient dieting plan for those obese or otherwise in need.

Hackers also accessed eBay users’ bank account information, and again used it righteously. Upon comparing interests charged for minimum monthly payments, the hackers emailed each user a detailed analysis of their credit history and suggestions for choosing the less onerous credit line.

Some lucky users, those who still poses land lines, received collect calls from inmate hackers.

Overall, eBay users have been so satisfied with the eBay hacking incident, that eBay will implement password-free safety account measures.

It will take the stigma away from hacking while still preserving its benefits, eBay CEO, John Donahue recently explained recently.


  1. Really how we live today – the new “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” It won’t be long before they start charging for it.

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