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Facebook and Instagram Make History, and History Makes Them.

Posts about private weapon sales will only be visible to users older than 18, says Facebook and Instagram.

But TPV sees a big problem with this announcement. Discrimination.

Who is going to say that TPV is 18 and not younger? Or older. Who is going to point their finger at TPV and denounce its real age, and why?

Not people who want to do business with TPV. Why would they make TPV unhappy? But I could see the competition wanting to discredit TPV.

But who’s to tell? The only way someone is going to divulge TPV’s real age is if the NSA tells them.

Is this Facebook and Instagram’s way to legitimate NSA’s patrolling their sites? TPV wonders.

NSA will police the sites’ users’ age. How much more legit than that? Mothers will like it. Husbands will like it too, and even admirers want that, for different reasons.

Now, the only question is when would the NSA interfere and stop the lie? Would they interfere when the lie is about “instant agism” at the first, second, or third violation? When would the NSA counting start? What constitutes an age violation? Lying about one’s age on Facebook? Older or younger?

Is Facebook forcing our minors to lie about their age when they open another Facebook account under a new name with a new picture? That would be too confusing for the NSA.

So, TPV suggests that Facebook and Instagram retract their announcement and continue to do what they have done until now: let people come together and encourage them to sell or buy something. Mostly through ads promoted by the site itself. No, TPV is not saying that Facebook should start selling guns directly. Only gun advertisements under the thoughtful eye of the NSA.

Can we all relax now?



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