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Furkini, Burkini, Bikini

1100Judging by how much media coverage the burkini has engendered, it comes as no surprise that TPV is covering it, too. Only more. Because the burkini is not adequate. It still shows some skin.

As you can see the nose remains exposed as well as the feet and hands. Worried about consequences, TPV asked its senior hypochondriac M.D. Molière who confirmed our deepest fears:

Skin cancer is mightiest than the hijab. Unless…

So, there is a dangling qualifier, “unless.”

Of, course, there is always something dangling. Usually a piece of skin. But in this case, fur.

Fur you, maybe, TPV thought silently.

Smear your body with animal grease then cover it with the skin of a bear, or something more exotic, a giraffe. Animal skin is a total barrier to sun rays.

Such… good news? I am so relieved that I dream of sand and beaches and Côte d’Azur. I am booking the next plane to Cannes and tell the Muslim tourists or worse, French citizens and residents, furkini is the way to go.

Fur + Burkini (Burka +Bikini) = Furkini.

Imagine a world of Gucci Furkini, or Vuitton Furkini. Better yet, Salvatore Ferragamo Furkini. My bet? Furkini is only the start. Once you have the taste of furkini in your mouth you end up with a bikini…Blondie did it. Take a look. Oh, I forgot, you need the mindset. The joie de vivre, and that comes from inside. Too good to be true.


by DANA NEACSU: Furkini, Burkini, Bikini



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