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Olympic Suggestion: Go Naked

bizarre-olympic-sports-1The Greeks knew everything about human anatomy and they proudly exhibited it in the street, in the forum, and in nature. They loved it most during Olympics. In fact, it looks that those bearded Greeks were carrying a pole for the vault trials and were appraising their bodily features to see if vault was the most appropriate sport given each one’s configuration.

Nowadays, Olympic competitors are asked to be covered. In their tight, colorful suits, competitors might even forget that perhaps nature does not want them to participate in certain sports. Or that taking too many pills may have side effects.


For instance, look at this Japanese athlete. TPV thinks, he might have wished his nakedness was taken into consideration. All that work flushed down the toilet when the public would have cheered for him just to see him walking around … naked.


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  1. “Unfortunate” Olympic athletes in non-money sports need to make a living when they grow up – I’m sure there’s a show in Vegas that would pay him for his ability to keep everything up, in the air.

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