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I Shoot the Gays therefore I Am. A Gay Muslim .

A gunman shot dead about 50 people and injured 42 others in a crowded gay nightclub in Florida early on Sunday before being killed by police in what U.S. authorities described as a “domestic terrorism incident where a closeted Muslim shot some openly gay men”.

The suspected gunman was identified by relatives and law enforcement officials as Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old from Fort Pierce, Fla, The Washington Post and other media outlets reported. It is the deadliest mass shooting in US history, perpetrated by a reclusive Gay Muslim on happily Gay Floridians.

Muhammad Dearest,

Could you please send a message to your people that they can openly enjoy adult anal sex, instead of bacha bazi, which is the same but with chained underage boys? Do it as a PR move. Do it for TPV’s sake. We are all one big family.

Yours, TPV.

DANA NEACSU: I Shoot the Gays therefore I Am. A  Gay Muslim.


  1. What’s with the saxophone hate? Don’t paint all of us with the Slick Willie brush! Most saxophone players are unambitious, underachievers, if I had an intern, I’d be fetching her coffee and doing her laundry (and not THAT way).

    I was just talking about that @hole in Orlando – I don’t think it’s quite what you had in mind, but seriously, I wish government and media would get together and work to take some of the macho glamour out of these things, they could just tell the truth – a person feeling so unloved that it turned into rage – instead of turning to a community that might have embraced him, he got sucked in by the idea that if he couldn’t have it, he’d try to wipe it out – now he’s dead, a lot of people are sad, but life goes on with him.

    Sad lonely angry person, it gets better.

    Of course, the sad truth is some of us just become bitter, lonely saxophone players…

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful words. It is hard to write about such a situation especially when everybody wants to call it terrorism…THANK YOU

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