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I Don’t Know Anybody Pooping Jewels. And I Feel Content

It is a rare moment that a mother can publicly engage her daughter in a talk about poop quality. I find that rarity refreshing. It is even rarer that a mother can discover that the innocuous term of endearment she used with her now grown-up step-daughter, “poopsie” or “poopsy,” has become a toy maker’s designation of toys whose main quality is their poop. And for your clarification, I was not alone in using poopsie or poopsy as a linguistic expression of affection, the Oxford English Dictionary says:

poopsie, n.

Forms:  19– poopsie, 19– poopsy.
Etymology:  Perhaps alteration of popsy n., after tootsy n.

A small child (esp. a child of the speaker); a sweetheart. Chiefly as a term of endearment or affectionate form of address.

In what very few would describe as a marketing coup, MGA Entertainment, the manufacturer of children’s toys and entertainment products founded in 1979, decided to come up with a new line of Moxie girls dolls, one whose toy pet poops jewels.

[youtube id= NmiVM46VkGg width=470 height=315]

Now, compared to the Moxie girl and boy suffering from lymphoma, I guess the one with the jewel pooping pet is attractive to a larger audience, because many of us might engage in dreams of buying one day a good jewel-pooping dog.

[youtube id=whs1GV5OJgo width=470 height=315]




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