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Inexplicable Daily Events -Obama Withers in the Snowden Storm

One small day after making lame jokes on the lamest late night comedy show, Obama cancels his Moscow play date with ruffian Putin.
Had Obama been in pre-K, his teacher would have stepped in and cancelled the cancellation as mean-spirited. But Obama does not have any real teachers, only chums, and chums tend to nod to everything the talking-head says while chewing something greasy.

So, what can Snowden give the Russians that they don’t have yet already? And why would Obama care?
[youtube id= d17EUuWNf1M width= 470 height=315]

Or, is it as the French say, that Obama’s balls are so little that he could not be seen in the same city with Snowden?
[youtube id= Nr0TMSac_Pg width= 470 height=315]



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