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Inexplicable Ways of Global Redistribution of Wealth

Kim Kardashian’s pedigree is famous. Her father had a famous client, O.J., and her husband Kanye West has famous friends, who, like his passed- away father- in- law also pay well. For $3 million and a beautiful Kazak rug, Mr. West accepted to become the personal guest of a Kazak citizen and sing at his wedding.
[youtube id= MqP3JDczbEc width= 470 height=315]

Sadly, the Kazak wedding Mr. West attended over the Labor Day weekend did not belong to the only Kazak citizen whose name TPV could spell, Borat, but to someone else.

[youtube id=vFP-MktgOKU width= 470 height=315]
Asked why he attended the wedding of a dictator’s grandson, Mr. West said sheepishly,

“To get away from Kim!”

In other news, Kim used the money to buy herself a diamond freshly dug out of Botswana in an attempt to help that country’s economy.


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