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La Femme et Son Image

MoMA brought to our attention Cindy Sherman’s work this year, but what the New York’s modern art crown jewel should also do is bring Helmut Newton’s work to the Big Apple. The Grand Palais’s exhibit which has been extended until July 30th is spellbinding.  As Sheman’s work is focused on inhibitions, Newton’s deflowers life itself.

I discovered Helmut Newton’s work in Caen, in 1990, when by chance, I purchased an agenda reproducing some of his pictures. Since then, I use his photography to look at beauty and understand people. As about his work, I will demur to the words of his favorite model, Sylvia Gobbel.

La femme est tellment forte. Elle est sure d’elle meme. Meme nue. Elle n’est pas l’objet de l’homme. Elle est son propre chef. Elle domine. C’est ca qu’expriment les photos de Newton.

— Sylvia Gobbel about Helmut Newton

     Helmut Newton au Grand Palais


  1. Tremendous! I love Helmut Newton. Did you know he escaped Nazi Germany and spent a year in China?


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